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Intellectual property and acceptable use


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Prohibited use


The use of Prohibited Practices is expressly forbidden and, if done so, will constitute a serious violation of the Terms of Use. If Prohibited Practices are engaged in, we will investigate thoroughly in order to locate those responsible and implement any and all preventative and detective measures that are reasonably possible. Subject to the aforementioned conditions, however, we will not be responsible for any loss or harm that you might sustain as a result of any Prohibited Practices, and we will be the only ones to decide what, if any, action we will take in response to such Prohibited Practices.
You accept and agree that you will not take part in any sort of Prohibited Practice, nor will you have any connection to such practices. If we have reason to believe that you have participated in or been connected with any form of Prohibited Practice (either detected by us or by our gaming partners and our other suppliers), including any fraud, cheating, or collusion practices that are used in the gambling and gaming industry, then we reserve the right to terminate your account.


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Limitation of liability


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This limitation of liability shall apply regardless of whether the damages result from the use or misuse of the services, and reliance on, the inability to use the services, any non-compatibility between the Software and User software or hardware, or any damages caused by or as a result of the software, or from the interruption, suspension, or termination of the service. This limitation of liability shall apply even if the damages result from the use or misuse of the services, and reliance on, the services (including such damages incurred by third parties).




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